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HR and organizational development consultant, business trainer, career coach.



Consulting for companies in HR and general management, re:

  • Support in big transformation projects
  • Moderation and facilitation
  • Strategic sessions (strategy goal setting and KPIs linking to bonus plans, decision making, plans elaboration,
  • Training and development for managers
  • All HR issues, including:
    • Strategic HR management, HR strategy and policy formulation.
    • HR Metrics and performance management of HR activities, HR KPIs.
    • HR marketing and branding
    • HR systems audit, key personnel audit
    • Elaboration of orientation programs
    • Training: elaboration of short and long-term all-level programs for various categories of personnel.
    • Career development plans for managers
    • Search and assessment of HR candidates for an HR vacancy in your company.
    • Attraction and retention of talent.
    • Remuneration system design: pay structure, grading, bonuses, commission.
    • Headcount downsizing and flexible work; shift work scheduling,
    • Development of performance systems (incl.KPIs) linking to remuneration
    • Development of policies, regulations, HR business process description.
    • Audit and integration of personnel following companies’ merger and acquisition.
    • Company HR service efficiency growth
    • Creation of internal communication system, company internal site concept.
    • Assessment and audit of talent and succession pool.
For individuals:
  • Career coaching (career goals and ways for their achievement)
  • Counseling in сareer advancement and development
  • Job search consulting

For HR professionals:

  • Counseling in professional issues
  • Training and seminars in HR management
  • Mentoring (individual professional support)
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